2016 Exhibitor Engagement Activities

CMTC 2016 has two Exhibitor Engagement Activities for our conference attendees – one for those of you who are on Twitter and like to take “selfies” and another for those who make time to meet with our exhibitors, thank them for supporting CMTC, and learn about their products and services.

Exhibit Hall Selfies

Take a “selfie” that includes:
1) You
2) An exhibitor
3) The company name or product in the picture
Then tweet the picture using the hashtag #NHCMTCselfie. We will be using Tweetwall throughout the conference to showcase our conference tweets and to determine our daily winners!

Daily Prizes include:

  • (3) $50 VISA Gift Cards each day from Tweeters using #NHCMTCselfie
  • You do not need to be present to win!!!


Tuesday Twitter Selfie Winner Skyler Eno
Tuesday Twitter Selfie Winner Sarah Seckla
Wednesday Twitter Selfie Winner Deb Boisvert
Wednesday Twitter Selfie Winner Karen Conroy
Wednesday Twitter Selfie Winner Peggy Cunningham
Wednesday Twitter Selfie Winner Theresa Schneiderheinze
Thursday Twitter Selfie Winner Lois Paul
Thursday Twitter Selfie Winner Eric Lawson
Thursday Twitter Selfie Winner Tarsha Doyle


Exhibitor Networking Raffle

Each CMTC exhibitor is receiving 10 Exhibitor Networking Raffle Tickets for each day in their exhibitor’s packet. The exhibitors will award these tickets throughout each day to ten CMTC attendees with whom they have networked or engaged in meaningful conversation. When YOU receive a raffle ticket from an exhibitor, just provide your name, email address, and contact information as listed and deposit the ticket in the daily Exhibitor Networking Raffle Box located at the Exhibitor Registration desk. The more raffle tickets you collect and deposit in the box, the greater your chances of winning. Tip – bring a sheet of return address labels to stick on your Networking Raffle Tickets so you do not need to fill them out!

Networking Raffle Prizes:

  • (3) $50 ViSA Gift Cards each day drawn randomly
  • You do not need to be present to win!!!


Tuesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Greg Limperis
Tuesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Denise Trombly
Tuesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Mike Eno
Wednesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Ann Williamson
Wednesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Ray Matzker
Wednesday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Dianne Grube
Thursday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Sue Mayo
Thursday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Denise Trombly
Thursday Exhibitor Raffle Winner Christina Swenson