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George Couros

Educator, Innovative Leader, Author, & Division Principal of Innovative Teaching & Learning, Parkland School Division, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

George Couros headshotGEORGE COUROS is a leading educator in the area of innovative leadership, teaching, and learning. He has worked at all levels (K-12) as a teacher and technology facilitator as well as school and district administrator. He speaks on the topic of innovative student learning and engagement and has worked with schools and organizations around the globe. George is the author of “The Innovator’s Mindset; Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity” and also the creator of, an initiative that brings educators and leaders together from around the world to create powerful learning opportunities for students. His belief that, meaningful change happens when you first connect to people’s hearts, is modeled in his writing and speaking. George holds Bachelor of Education and Science degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.

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The Innovator’s Mindset

Carol Dweck’s work has focused on the ideas of “fixed” and “growth” mindset, yet educators will need to go a step further with these notions to create the learning opportunities and that our students and schools deserve. We need to focus not only what we know, but what we do with what we know. In this talk, George will discuss the idea and characteristics of “The Innovator’s Mindset” (as discussed in the book of the same title), and share powerful examples on why this is so crucial for all educators. George’s presentations are known to be emotional, humorous, all while pushing your thinking, and will definitely connect to your heart first, in a way that will last with you long after this keynote.

George conducts the following concurrent sessions in Salon A:

Your Digital Footprint on Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

3 Things Students Should Have Before They Leave High School on Tuesday at 12:00 p.m.

Jenifer Fox

Educator, Speaker, & Innovator on 21st Century Learning Founding Head of The Delta School, Wilson, Arkansas

Jenifer Fox headshotJENNIFER FOX is an international award-winning author, public speaker, and a recognized leader of the Strengths Movement. Jenifer created cutting edge strengths curriculum for youth utilizing technology and integrated media. She bases her claims on her lifetime experience working with young people (25 years, with 16 as a school principal) and states that if we are to do one thing that will truly prepare children to face the future with confidence and success it is to develop their strengths. Her message is straightforward. Education as we know it today is heading toward obsolescence. In order for young people to be successful in the future, educators will need to know what energizes their students, what keeps their interests, what their contribution is going to be, and what they have to offer to relationships with others. Developing students strengths will be as important as understanding technology. Jenifer is currently the Founding Head of School at The Delta School located in Wilson, Arkansas. Ms Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master of Arts degree from Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English, and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

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Why K-12 Education Must Change

The next 10 years will dramatically change our lives and almost everything in it. The rise of robots, advancements in computers, global competition, the economics of the environment (among other developments) will make skills training in most fields, with a few exceptions, obsolete at ever quickening rates. We know that the only way for people to live meaningful and fulfilling lives is to receive an education. But it cannot be the kind of education we are used to. We have to stop teaching the curriculum and start teaching the individual – each individual, every single individual, and teach them as individuals, with unique interests, abilities and strengths. And what we teach them will have to be uniquely human as increased automation will cause the mass disappearance of traditional jobs. We are headed into a world where creativity and innovative thinking will be more valuable than rote learning of any depth. Our educational system must embrace art, teamwork, leadership, empathy, and the deeper aspects of human life and society as core curriculum in order for us to thrive.

Jenifer also conducts the following concurrent sessions in Salon A:

What does the Maker Movement "get right"? What can we learn from it? on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

Paul Reynolds

STEAM Advocate, Author, & Designer CEO & Co-Founder of FableVision & The Reynolds Center for Teaching Learning and Creativity

Paul Reynolds headshot 01 PAUL REYNOLDS is the CEO and Co-Founder of FableVision, which creates and distributes original educational media, mobile games, and apps designed to move the world to a better place. As CEO, Paul also oversees the company’s K12 ed tech publishing group FableVision Learning, as well as The Reynolds Center for Teaching, Learning, & Creativity (TLC). Under the Reynolds TLC banner, Paul has been instrumental in the development of a digital fabrication software tool for the Fab@School Project that is designed to lower the on-ramp to a meaningful FabLab experience in elementary and middle schools. Paul’s most recent book collaborations with his twin brother Peter include Going Places, a picture book about creativity and engineering and a STEM-meets-Arts (STEAM) early chapter book series called Sydney & Simon that includes Full STEAM Ahead! and Go Green! When he is not entrenched in all things FableVision, Paul teaches digital media production at Boston College, where he has served as adjunct faculty for over two decades.

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Library 2.0: How Do We Craft & Share the Story of the Modern Library’s Critical Role in the 21st Century?

We are experiencing a dramatic transition on the library landscape – in both public and school libraries. The digital age is rapidly and radically transforming how we live, play, work, and learn – and the traditional library has been upended in the process. Conversations ensue about the need for staffing and funding an “obsolete” institution, but the attendees of CMTC know better. Libraries are not less important in the 21st century – they are more important than ever! They continue to be the free, scaffolded portals (physical & digital) to knowledge and learning – open and accessible to all. A vibrant, democratic society relies on this shining beacon of light in every community. In a world facing the darkness of ignorance, intolerance, and conflict, we need that light even more brightly. Paul shares his advocacy work for what he calls Library 2.0 using stories, animated films, and inspirational messages. He describes how he sees the library as a mission-critical beachhead for innovations and creativity in our schools and communities. Paul enjoins attendees to work with him to articulate and broadcast the urgent message that the modern library has increased and critical relevance in a rapidly changing world. The keynote concludes with a group brainstorming activity to imagine how we might convey the Library 2.0 message. Who knows, at CMTC 2017, FableVision may unveil an animation or book CMTC attendees helped to create!

Paul also conducts the following concurrent sessions in Salon A:

Create an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

A Fireside Chat with Paul Reynolds on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. 

Keynote Speakers 2015

Sameer Hinduja
Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying & Make Kindness Go Viral

Hinduja Sameer transparent resized

Sara DeWitt
The Changing Landscape of Digital Learning

DeWitt keynote video

Travis Allen
Becoming a Lifelong Learner

Travis Allen keynote video

Keynote Speakers 2014

Sylvia Libow Martinez
A Global Revolution Goes to School: The Maker Movement


Ken Shelton
The Art of Iteration: Embracing Failure for Learning


Rushton Hurley
Creativity, Inspiration, and Excellence


Keynote Speakers 2013

Kevin Honeycutt
Trends, Tools, and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

kevin honeycutt-video

Jaime Casap
Unleashing the Power of Technology in Education

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Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Leading the New Literacies: Digital, Media, & Global Project Based Learning


Keynote Speakers 2012

Angela Maiers
Habitudes of a 21st Century Learner

angela maiers

Richard Byrne
Everything Is Free, Now What?

richard byrne

Scott Kinney
Moving Learning...Beyond the Information Age

scott kinney