Presenter Responsibilities

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All presenters are responsible for the following:

  • copies of any participant handouts including, but not limited to:
  1. a one-page overview including information about the technology resources needed to replicate the project that might include website links for participants to acquire more detailed information about the presentation
  2. if applicable, sample(s) of student generated project work
  • Presenters are STRONGLY encouraged to post their handouts/student samples in the Conference Extensions section of the CMTC website to save on duplication costs and natural resources.
  • computing device(s)/peripheral(s)/application(s) required for the presentation

All presenters will be provided with the following:

  • Wired Internet and projection capability in ALL presentation rooms. Additional AV equipment, including but not limited to TV/DVD and speakers, may be available if requested at time of proposal.
  • Student STEAM Showcase and Teacher Showcase Presenters: Wireless Internet access will be available but projection devices are NOT offered. The Showcase coordinator will help with projection strategies.

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