REInvented Thursday

CMTC is excited to announce a totally Reinvented Thursday experience in the Expo Center!

Thursday in the Expo Center is going to be a busy place with the following events:

  • Join educators and exhibitors in the EdTech Playgrounds interactive spaces where you can explore hands-on activities covering topics such as: Digital Age Library, MakerSpaces, Assistive Technology, Technology & the Early Learner, Coding & Robotics, GAFE, Augmented/Virtual Reality, and Video Production. Explore and play a little or a lot, there is plenty to engage and excite!
  • Both the Teacher Showcase and Student STE(A)M Showcase are scheduled for Thursday ~ teachers in the morning from 9:30 to 11:00 and students in the afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00.
  • Thursday exhibitors focus exclusively on non-profit organizations and companies serving the needs of school libraries and media centers. Visit with representatives from museums and educational organizations that offer exciting onsite and online student activities for expanding your classroom walls with authentic learning experiences! Discuss with industry leaders how you can reimagine and reinvent your library space physically, digitally, and pedagogically!