Session Extensions

T3-13 ~ Social Emotional Learning: Where to Find It, How to Fund It
Counselor Kirsten Williams from Campton Elementary School is part of a federal grant administered by Dr. Cynthia Waltman of Plymouth State. It provides for several years of using the DESSA tool to assess student strengths and deficits in social emotional learning. Dr. Waltman, head of counselor education at PSU, has funding for a couple more NH schools to participate and can be contacted at: Links provide more information.
CASEL is an organization doing research in social emotional learning (SEL) and also providing some lessons in SEL embedded in core content subjects. They will host their first conference in Chicago in October 2019.
Information about DESSA, a tool for measuring social emotional learning (used by teachers and counselors), and how it's implemented in different settings. This is the measurement tool used by presenter Kirsten Williams through a grant to Dr. Cynthia Waltman at Plymouth State.
Edutopia is a publication that includes articles about social emotional learning (SEL) and can be helpful for school staff and parents to learn more about this area and its impact on student performance, both behavioral and academic.
SEL and funding-CMTC18.pptx (14.8 MB)
Counselor Kirsten Williams and consultant Dr. Rita Oates share info and ideas about social emotional learning (SEL) as it fits into NH state requirements for Work-Study skills, how to measure it with a tool such as the DESSA from Aperture Education, and how to fund it from various sources.
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CMTC session on social emotional learning embedded in computer coding, digital literacy/citizenship, and more. Learn more about, which is sold to NH and VT schools by Cyndy Currier of NHSTE.