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2016 Sessions With Extensions
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BDTh01-D: Google & Chrome Tools for Assessing Writing
BDTh01-F: Video Making in the Cloud
BDTh01-H: Document & Share Learning Using Seesaw
BDTh02-H: Building Professional Magazines & Flyers
BDTh03-D: Discovering the New Google Sites Meet Up
BDTu01-H: Map It
BDTu02-D: Be a Gmail Ninja & Cut That Inbox Down to Size!
BDTu03-D, BDTu04-D: Digital Integrity: Addressing the Human Side of Cheating
BDTu03-F: Free Collaboration Tools & Student Response Systems in the Cloud
BDTu03-H: Interactive Timelines
BDTu04-F: Using Google Hangouts in Your Classroom
BDWe01-D: Visual Notetaking in the Classroom
BDWe01-F: A Puzzling Situation
BDWe02-H: Infographics with Google Draw
BDWe03-D: Technology Tools for Classroom Assessment
BDWe03-F: STEAM Ahead: Arts Apps Bring Creativity to STEM
BDWe03-H: Creative Commons
Playground-Day: (T) Cardboardteck Instantute
Playground-Day2: (T) BreakoutEDU
Playground-Drolet: (T) Rosie Run Time - An Unplugged Computer Game
Playground-Kaplan: (T) Out of this World!
Playground-Spang: (T) Virtual Reality in the Classroom
PreC03-D: MITI - Digital Photography & Video Across the Curriculum
PreC06-SA: MITI - Chromebook & Tablet in One: Effective Lesson Integration
PreC07-CL: MITI - Google Cardboard is Your Virtual Reality
PreC15-SB: MITI - VR in the Classroom: Creating 360 Degree Panoramas & Immersive Tours
PreC17-SD: MITI - Chromebook & Tablet in One: Best of Both Worlds
SH-S-Dasho: (S) Mission to Mars
SH-S-McCracken-Barber: (S) Art Isn't Automatic: Digital Photos by FHS Students
SH-T-Lawson: (T) Enter the MakerSpace
SH-T-Novak: (T) NatGeo MapMaker Interactive & Giant Map of NH
T1-16 W4-16: Let's Have a Wireless Bake-off
T2-16 W3-16: Conquering Tech Grants: How to make your proposal WIN
T3-03: Networked Teens & Tweens: What College Students Can Teach Us
T3-06: Setting the Stage for a Future Ready Personal Learning Plan
T3-07: Protecting Users No Matter Where They Go
T3-14: Middle School MakerSpace ~ Grants to Classroom Integration
T3-16 W2-16: Promethean New Product Update
T4-01: The Common Thread: Weaving Information Literacy Skills to Engage Learners
T4-04: Teaching Information Literacy in the Middle School
T4-07: Using Media Arts to Promote Student Ownership of Student Digital Portfolios
T4-16: Going on a Virtual Fieldtrip with the CILC
Th1-01: What's Up Google?
Th1-02: Badges & Speech to Text: Breathing New Life into Digital Portfolios
Th1-03: (Mostly) Free Informational Texts & Where to Find Them
Th1-04: Creating Competency-Based Performance Assessments Using Technology
Th1-07: Including Critical Thinking Vocabulary Instruction in your Classroom.
Th1-15: Engaging Educational Content; Engaging Students
Th2-01: From Screwdrivers to Shark Tanks: Meet Competencies Through Collaboration
Th2-03: Digital Tools to Engage the Reluctant Reader
Th2-06: Role of the Tech Integrator as Schools Move to Blended Learning
Th2-07: Statewide Initiatives that Promote Digital Learning & Collaboration
Th3-07: Portfolio Reflections Made Easy
Th3-14: ESSA for School Librarians
Th4-02: Our 1:1 Journey - What Four Years Taught Us
Th4-03: 10 Things I Did as a First Year Librarian
Th4-04: Build a Better Mouse Trap: Gamification & Flipped Teaching
Th4-07: Page Turners & Tweeters: 21st Century Bookclubs
W1-02: Learning Through Elementary Digital Resources
W1-03: Putting a Little STEAM in Your School Library Program
W1-04: Integrating NGSS & the 4C's using STEM
W1-05: UDL Technology: The Best Technology to Engage Students
W1-06: Single Sign-On in Education: Consolidate Account Access for Multiple Apps
W1-16: What You Need to Know about Security
W2-01: The Learning Commons: Blueprint for the Future Ready Library
W2-02: Genius Hour in the Classroom
W2-06: Expanding a Low Cost BYOD & 1:1 Pilot to Middle School
W2-07: How are you integrating tech in the classroom?
W3-01: Do the EdTech Hokey Pokey: Put Your Whole Self In!
W3-06: MakerSpace Revolution
W3-07: Next Generation Technology Plans & Planning
W4-02: Makerspaces in the Elementary & Middle School Library
W4-04: Vast Amounts of Testosterone & Plenty of Sharp Objects
W4-05: 20% Time
W4-07: Humans Need Not Apply