CMTC 2016: Concurrent Sessions for Thursday

Room Session Th1 ~ 8:30 am - 9:20 am Session Th2 ~ 10:00 am - 10:50 am Session Th3 ~ 1:15 pm - 2:05 pm Session Th4 ~ 2:40 pm - 3:30 pm Session Th5 ~ 6:30 pm - 7:20 pm
4 Rivers Ballroom What's Up Google?
Allison Mollica Th1-01 Extensions
From Screwdrivers to Shark Tanks: Meet Competencies Through Collaboration
*Pam Harland, Mike Corkery Th2-01 Extensions
Shiny Widgets: Leading Tech Innovation without a Technology Background
Scott Laliberte Th3-01
Webster Badges & Speech to Text: Breathing New Life into Digital Portfolios
*Deb Boisvert Th1-02 Extensions
Best Practices in Literacy Education with Technology
*Rachel Small Th2-02
Using Google Apps? Share Your Tips & Tricks at the Demo Slam!
Nicole Tomaselli, Mary Marotta Th3-02
Our 1:1 Journey - What Four Years Taught Us
Laura Maroon, Etienne Vallee Th4-02 Extensions
Pierce (Mostly) Free Informational Texts & Where to Find Them
Deborah Ford Th1-03 Extensions
Digital Tools to Engage the Reluctant Reader
Andrea O'Neil, Shelley Widdison Th2-03 Extensions
Gaming in the Classroom
Kerrie Alley-Violette, Jeff Adams Th3-03
10 Things I Did as a First Year Librarian
*Sam Dixon Th4-03 Extensions
Coolidge Creating Competency-Based Performance Assessments Using Technology
Brian Gray, Mark Giuliucci Th1-04 Extensions
CreATe an Assistive Technology Team & Plan in Your School, Best Practice!
Diana Petschauer, Kelsey Hall Th2-04
Curiosity, Passion, & Innovation: Promoting Inquiry through STEM Innovation
Helen Burnham, Julie Lambert Th3-04
Build a Better Mouse Trap: Gamification & Flipped Teaching
*Edward Kissell Th4-04 Extensions
Frost Research Integration: Making Learning Relevant
Angie Miller Th1-06
Role of the Tech Integrator as Schools Move to Blended Learning
Jodi Tamayoshi Th2-06 Extensions
Keeping it Legal
*Rachel Hopkins, Karen Desjadon Th3-06
Improving K-12 Broadband Connectivity in NH Schools
Dan Runcie, Paul Toribio Th4-06
Hawthorne Including Critical Thinking Vocabulary Instruction in your Classroom.
Sara Lowe Th1-07 Extensions
Statewide Initiatives that Promote Digital Learning & Collaboration
Stan Freeda Th2-07 Extensions
Portfolio Reflections Made Easy
Joanne Palin Th3-07 Extensions
Page Turners & Tweeters: 21st Century Bookclubs
Donna Zecha Th4-07 Extensions
Zoom2 M & M's and Reading Practice: What do they have in common?
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn Th1-12
Repeated: T1-12, W1-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn Th2-12
Repeated: T2-12, T4-12, W2-12, W4-12, Th4-12
Demystify Math (We are all math people)
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn Th3-12
Repeated: T3-12, W3-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn Th4-12
Repeated: T2-12, T4-12, W2-12, W4-12, Th2-12
Zoom3 Create an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Paul Reynolds Th1-13
A Fireside Chat with Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds Th2-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris Th3-13
Zoom4 The Future of Learning is Open
Andrew Marcinek Th1-14
Professional Learning for Mobile-friendly Schools
Helen Crompton Th2-14
ESSA for School Librarians
Donna Zecha, Pam Harland Th3-14 Extensions
Funding to Close Your Students' Digital Divide at Home & in the Community
Robert McLaughlin Th4-14
Zoom5 Engaging Educational Content; Engaging Students
Cyndy Currier Th1-15 Extensions
Learning Math & Science with EV3 & LEGO Education
Bonnie Morrissette Th2-15