Session Number PreC01-F

2015 Session
MITI - Maker or Baker? Both! Bake Your Own Touch-Screen Pi Computer!
Glen Page, Technology Systems Administrator, ThetNet/Thetford Academy

Level: Some basic computer skills
Grades: All
Cost: $240
Join this MITI workshop to build, configure, program, use, and explore YOUR own Raspberry Pi computer with a touch screen LCD display and mini keyboard. Participants assemble all parts to make this project work. The registration fee for this MITI workshop includes the cost of the workshop AND the device(s). The specific device(s) selected and exact prices will be posted in October on the conference website at
Equipment needed: The Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, a mini touchscreen, and mini wireless keyboard with mouse touchpad are included in the cost of this MITI workshop, no other equipment is required.
Software needed: No additional software is needed for this workshop.