Session Number PreC08-SD

2015 Session
Certifications Featuring Google for Education
Allison Mollica, USA Director / Instructor, AppsEvents / VLACS

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All
Cost: $199
At CMTC 2015 we are delighted to be offering a one-day Google Apps EDU Certification preparation course. This session prepares you to complete the Google for Education certification process, which includes online tests, applications, and case studies. There are several options for certification so you can explore which one(s) best suit your professional goals. The day is fun, engaging, and educational. You WILL leave with more than you came for!
Equipment needed: Any device capable of running Google Chrome web browser and accessing the Internet - a laptop or Chromebook is recommended.
Software needed: If not already installed, please download and install the Google Chrome web browser prior to the workshop from: Prior to the workshop, if you do not already have a Google account, participants are requested to create a free account at: