Session Number PreC21-SC

4:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Enhancing Leadership Strategies with iPad Pro
Matt Brooks, Development Executive, Apple

Level: Beginner through Advanced
Grades: Administrators
Cost: $1,115
Learn how iPad Pro integrated with the Apple ecosystem supports your role as an instructional leader and administrator. Join us for a hands-on experience, designed to increase awareness among district and school leadership about the impact of mobile engagement with iPad Pro and select apps. Explore apps, books, iTunes U content, and valuable resources to support superintendent and principal leadership. Learn how to organize, create, and easily share information with your staff and community on the go. Experience Augmented Reality applications that can engage students in new ways of learning. Discover how the Swift Playgrounds app makes learning to code fun and interactive for students with the Everyone Can Code curriculum for grades K-20. Discuss real-world strategies for creating and implementing a successful learning culture utilizing the Apple School Snapshot Tool and other materials from our Leadership Series for staff evaluations, observations, walk throughs, and administrative tasks. This workshop is offered in the MITI (a device is included in the workshop fee) format ONLY.
Equipment needed: This workshop is offered in the MITI format ONLY and includes a 64GB WIFI 11" Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil 2, and Smart Keyboard Folio. The specific model Apple iPad Pro included will be posted by early October on the conference website at There are no additional equipment requirements.
Software needed: There are no additional software requirements.