Session Number T1-15

2016 Session
The Need for Cyber Security in Today's K-12 School Districts
Mike Sulmonetti, Topgallant Partners

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
Recently K-12 school districts have increasingly been the target of Cyber Security Attacks similar to the attacks faced by Healthcare, Finance, State, Local, and Federal Government Systems. Districts are getting inundated by Malware, DDOS Attacks, Social Engineering, and Kryptolocker Ransomware attacks that breach information or extort money from all industry verticals. Education leaders are somewhat unprepared for the threats they face in today's "internet of things" connected world. Unfortunately it is no longer safe to say "We don't have any data that someone would want", or "No one has any idea we are here" as we increasingly adopt the internet of things through connectivity to the Internet. Schools are facing the same inside and outside threats that are faced by companies and governments digital assets in today's world. Adoption of new technologies to perform today's advancing educational needs increases the probability of a breach. Topgallant Partners will openly discuss how to address the various Laws and Industry Standards that affect global adoption of IT Controls (Administrative, Technical, and Physical) in Cyber Security through consulting services like: - Security Risk Analysis - Security Policy Adoption - Access Rights - Vulnerability Assessment Testing - Penetration Testing - Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training - Social Engineering - Disaster Recovery - Industry Best Practices - Industry Due Diligence