Session Number T2-06

2016 Session
Genius Hour, 20% Time, Passion Project: What's in a name?
Jill Canillas Daley, Librarian, Plainfield Elem., and Sean Collins, Wellsley

Level: Any level
Grades: All
In this session participants will ...learn about Genius Hour. The name you choose to use doesn't matter but the enthusiasm you will get from your students does. Come see what changed the way we teach and why our students no longer view "research" as a dirty word. This presentation will be part lecture, because you need to know the tips and tricks for success, and part hands-on where you will create your own GH process. Genius Hour has three components: 1. There must be a question that cannot be answered by a simple Google search. 2. There must be research. 3. There must be sharing of the process or product. This PBL demonstrates the meaning of FAIL (First Attempt In Learning) and why having a process without grading, teacher imposed boundaries, and a cookie-cutter format is imperative in education. This dynamic performance with samples of student work, is geared for those that are interested in beginning the process, those that are already entrenched, and those that want some new ideas. Come meet and collaborate with us further extending our PLN so we can change the face of education together.