Session Number Th1-07

2016 Session
Including Critical Thinking Vocabulary Instruction in your Classroom.
Sara Lowe, Speech Language Pathologist, Fall Mountain Regional School District SAU

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All

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Explore strategies for assessing student understanding of critical thinking vocabulary based on Bloom's Taxonomy, common core standards and current standardized testing requirements. Then hear how educators are including the instruction of critical thinking words within their classrooms. There will be a focus on teachers sharing what support they need from administration to support students in learning what they need to do when they encounter different critical thinking vocabulary words within academic and testing situations in order to decrease student anxiety, confusion and frustration. The wrap up will be exploring how to carry the processes explored back to administration. Critical thinking skills are amongst the highest "soft skills" need for success in post high school success and one of the areas that many new employees and college students are lacking. A shift is needed.