Session Number Th1-15

2016 Session
Engaging Educational Content; Engaging Students
Cyndy Currier, Licensing Program Manager, NHSTE

Level: Beginner
Grades: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12, All

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Do you really know what Brainpop is like in 2016? "My BrainPOP," lets teachers customize assessments, incorporate gaming into instruction, spur meaningful reflection, and keep track of learning. BrainPOP engages students through animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, primary source activities, challenges, concept mapping, and much more. BrainPOP is also an ideal fit for mobile learning and BYOD classrooms. BrainPOP Educators offers professional development, archived webinars, an array of lesson plans, video tutorials, graphic organizers, and a rich curriculum calendar. We look at this so you can maximize your effectiveness in the classroom using Brainpop. If you have never seen BrainPOP, or would like to learn more, you really should attend this session.