Session Number Th3-03

2016 Session
Gaming in the Classroom
Kerrie Alley-Violette, Business Technology, Sanborn Regional High School, and Jeff Adams, Sanborn Regional High School

Level: Beginner
Grades: 9-12
The gaming industry is becoming a career that students would like to experience in their middle or high school education. There are many students becoming interested in the gaming industry and would like to begin to experience some aspect of this career. Would you like to see a sample of a gaming curriculum that is being used to allow students to get a gaming career experience. You can start a gaming curriculum with some free programs that will allow you to create a gaming curriculum for your school or technology department. The instructors will present a gaming curriculum that uses PowerPoint, Kodu, Scratch and Gamemake that allows the students to experience game creation. Student work will be displayed as examples on what can be accomplished in this engaging curriculum.