Session Number W1-01

2016 Session
What does the Maker Movement "get right"? What can we learn from it?
Jenifer Fox, The Delta School

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
The Maker culture helps student be engaged and makes their learning meaningful and empowered. The Delta School, a small independent school in the heart of the Mississippi Delta has created a curriculum with the Maker's Culture as its centerpiece. Jenifer Fox, founding head of school is convinced that face-to-face learning must not be left behind in in the rise of the digital and technological world. The Delta School has incorporated a Maker's Culture that seeks to unite face-to-face learning with meaningful projects that utilize a variety of technology innovations to solve real world problems in a better, more beautiful physical environment. Maker Movement and makerspaces aren't something for just those in the engineering or computer science or design departments. They aspire to be openly democratic and participatory.