Session Number W1-14

2018 Session
Closing the Homework Gap: Are your students connected?
Deb Boisvert, Consultant, Google Certified Educator, NHSTE, and Brenda McGee, Gilfrod School District
Level: All
Grades: All

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Explore strategies to close the homework gap for your students. Our panel will discuss different strategies to help schools and districts close this Homework Gap, and provide all student the tools they need to succeed. From providing offline alternatives, to using existing or additional access points, to providing laptops and hotspots to check out from the library or Internet Essential packages. We can't keep our heads in the sand. As more and more districts implement digital and web-based learning programs, a large number of low-income and/or rural students are finding themselves caught in a widening Homework Gap. On average, one-third of U.S. students do not have adequate Internet access when they leave school. These students are often struggling to keep up with their more affluent peers who have anytime, anywhere access to learning.