Session Number W1-15

2016 Session
Learn how one school is meeting their Competency Based Goals with Edgenuity
Greg Moore, Edgenuity, and Beth Franke, John Stark

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
Our co - presenters Beth Franke from John Stark Regional High School and Greg Moore, Account Executive with Edgenuity, will share best practices of using digital curriculum to help students meet their Competency Based Learning Goals. Beth Franke has been a teacher at John Stark for 20 years and has implemented a blended learning approach by customizing curriculum and personalizing content to help students meet their needs. This informational session will focus on Beth's expertise in this personalized learning approach, differentiated approaches to using comprehensive standards aligned curriculum and how Edgenuity is helping districts in New Hampshire and across New England utilize digital content to implement blended and online learning programs.