Session Number W2-12

2018 Session
Learned vs Earned: Best Practices Implementing Competency-Based Grading
John Martin, Dir of Innovation & Tech, Inter-Lakes SD, and Mark MacLean, Merrimack Valley School District

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
Examine the opportunities and challenges presented by implementing competency-based grading and reporting with Merrimack Valley and Inter-Lakes School Districts and their corporate partner Alma Technologies, Inc. In this session we will discuss the districts' reasons for shifting to competency-based grading, their implementation and communication plan, the lessons they learned, and then analyze the impact on student outcomes thus far. Both districts will share information on the tools they use to manage and support this approach to student learning and assessment, along with the metrics they rely on for evaluating their success along the way. John Martin from Inter-Lakes School District and Merrimack Valley Superintendent, Mark MacLean share their New Hampshire experience.