Session Number W2-15

2016 Session
STEM Learning with WeDO 2.0 & LEGO Education
Bonnie Morrissette, Master Trainer, North America, LEGO Education, and Kelly Jobel, Parker-Varney School

Grades: K-5
Join us for a hands-on session to explore combining STEM concepts with robotics to bring your elementary science classroom to life with WeDo 2.0. We will explore ways to integrate robotics and engineering into areas of Life, Physical, and Earth Science that include getting started, guided-practice, and open-ended projects presented through an interactive software that teaches programming. Participants will get a look at how students can document their work using text, video, photos, and screen captures. If you are looking for more Project-Based Lessons for your elementary science classroom, please join us and bring your low-E Bluetooth iPad, tablet or Chromebook. WeDo 2.0 software is available as a limited time free download in the various APP stores for your device.