Session Number W3-05

2016 Session
Gamification & Badge Based Learning
Joanna Marcotte, Computer Science Teacher, The Founders Academy
Level: Beginner
Grades: K-5, 6-8, 9-12, All
What would school look like if it "played" like a video game? Faculty at Boise State have created a system built on experiences points, badges, achievements, leveling, and student choice. The presentation will demonstrate the tool, pedagogy, and share the results of a yearlong Design-Based Research project. Hear from a middle school educators experience with implementation of quest based learning and how using this model of learning has revolutionized classroom instruction in a social studies classroom and in computer science courses. A game based learning approach can benefit all content areas and academic levels of education. In addition, to how it was used as part of a high school credit recovery course. This quest based learning model was highlighted in the 2012 Horizon Report and reviewed by teachers on Graphite.