Session Number W4-02

2016 Session
Makerspaces in the Elementary & Middle School Library
Diane Connors, Library Media Specialist, Hampstead Central and Middle School Librar, and Lori-Lyn Griffin, Hampstead Middle School

Level: Beginner
Grades: K-5, 6-8

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In this session, participants will discover how to add makerspace programming to the elementary and middle school libraries. They will learn how two schools (K-4) and (5-8) have begun their makerspace journey. Strategies we've employed including but not limited to: How a single design challenge can spark making How collaboration with a content teacher can orient over 100 middle school students to multiple makerspace stations in one day How to slowly begin the process with limited space and funding How free materials can be just as engaging as more expensive ones Examples of fixed activities as well as intermittent activities How to promote the concept through pictures, staff meetings, typical library services,... Materials: consumables, constructive, reusable, electronics, and craft Engage ALL students in real-world 21st Century skills! Whether your district is embracing STEM, STEAM, or other initiatives, makerspace programming fosters creativity, risk-taking, design processes, problem-solving, collaboration, perseverance and more! You need not be proficient in the tools, technology, etc. Your students will share their expertise as you facilitate their learning. An LMS along with a middle school content teacher will share how you can build a makerspace that isn't about what's in it but what comes out of it.