Session Number BDTu2-HL

2021 Session
Satiate Your Walter Mitty Secret Agent Fantasy & Learn About Gamification!
Gregory Reinert, Director of Technology, SAU 24, and Sam Wagner, Henniker Community School

Level: Beginner
Grades: All, Professional Development

New Teacher Orientation (NTO) is professional development on steroids. The annual NTO ritual for school districts is a stressful time for attendees who can experience an almost terminal case of information overload. Epiphany! Before attendees start their NTO sessions prelude a portion of the NTO content using a gamified experience to reduce the information overload. How it works ... You're a candidate for recruitment After enrollment, you're a newbie secret agent with your own Mission Possible brief case (provided at session) stuffed with innocuous objects required for selected missions. A brief orientation to Mission Possible Missions which are the building blocks and content delivery mechanism are explained The now primed agents are ready to tackle assignments like Mission 1031 Say Prunes! (Setting Up Your Google Gmail Photo). Guided by the presenter, participants use their BYOD to walk through completing a mission and understand how it works from the agent's point of view. The view from Mission Control ... The gamified experience is delivered via a customized Moodle course rendering it device agnostic, available 24/7, and self-paced. Review the anatomy of a mission. Explore Mission Possible's architectural constraints, goals, design, and game mechanics.