Session Number BDTu5-F

2021 Session
Critical Data Security Controls
Cameron Shilling, Chair, Information Privacy & Security, McLane Middleton, P.A.

Level: Advanced
Grades: Managers and Administrators

School districts are vulnerable and valuable targets for phishing, ransomware, electronic funds transfer fraud, credential hack, vendor compromise, and other types of cyber attacks. While no district can immunize itself completely from these risks, all districts (small, medium, and large) can implement reasonable and appropriate controls to mitigate the most significant of them. In this hands-on program, we will focus on the most damaging and prevalent cyber attacks (including those identified above), discuss the critical and tiered controls that districts should implement to reduce the risks, and engage the audience and subject matter experts in discussion about the specific techniques and applications that districts have adopted to successfully avoid or mitigate harm from cyber attacks.