Session Number BDTu5-H

2021 Session
Gender in the Classroom: Welcoming our Trans & Non-Binary Learners
Juliet Larke, Middle School Social Studies, Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School
Level: Beginner
Grades: Pre-K, K-5, 6-8, 9-12, All

Explore the effects of gender, identity, and presentation on virtual and in-person classroom engagement, then proceed to take a critical look at our own practices, language, and curriculum with the goal of making them more inclusive and welcoming for students of all genders. Gender-related etiquette and best practices will also be discussed. Participants will be provided time and resources to begin revising their own instructional materials and practicing using gender neutral language. Attendees will leave with at least two new strategies or resources for establishing caring and trusting relationships with students. This workshop is applicable to educators in virtual, hybrid, and in person teaching models and will include technology-infused strategies and tools.
2021 Session
Come Together...Right Now! Collaboration as Change Agent
Jen Thomas, Instructional Technology Specialist, Dartmouth High School, and Jessica Brittingham, Uxbridge Public School
Level: Intermediate
Grades: K-5, 6-8, 9-12

This session will have two primary focal points: the cognitive shift required to move from content-focused to skills-based instructional practices, and establishing a productive and relevant collaboration process between classroom teachers and instructional technologists. This workshop will focus on the process of shifting instruction from content to skill development, through the adoption of project-based learning. Through a focus on skills desired by potential employers (as outlined by the International Center for Leadership in Education), teachers can better communicate relevance to students, which in turn, increases student buy-in and productivity. This shift in practice allows teachers to tackle the "why do I need to know this" question with real world application. Moreover, students in all classrooms can better understand how each lesson will benefit them in the world beyond high school, regardless of career goals and ambitions. Through their story of risk-taking, project-based learning, professional development, and collaboration, former classroom teacher turned Instructional Technologist, Jessica Brittingham and Instructional Technologist Jen Thomas, aim to help attendees collaborate more effectively while maximizing student achievement.