Session Number BDTu5-W

2021 Session
Take Student Voice to the Next Level: Vlogging
Matthew Joseph, Executive Director of Teaching +Learning, Providence Public Schools, and Christine Ravesi-Weinstein

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
One ongoing goal of educators is to encourage engagement and student activity in the classroom. Technology has done a great deal to help facilitate interaction, and vlogs can add to your existing initiatives. Very similar to traditional blogging, video blogs allow students to add their personal touches to their work. This work can help them feel more connected to their assignments and encourage even more effort. Vlogging gives students the ability to collaborate but also individuals around the world. Students can use a Vlog to make a portfolio to showcase their work and showcase their work over some time. Portfolios can allow students and their parents to see the progress that they have made within a specific unit or grade. A portfolio can showcase their best work or particular assignments. Recording videos can add spark to the classroom. Both students and teachers can enjoy the task, forging deeper relationships with peers, and even deeper relationships with the art of learning. This session will improve your confidence and learn how to shoot and edit using your mobile device. Classroom examples: Make a video newsletter Create a portfolio of student work Preview lessons before class Record the experience and post it on a vlog Read or act out books or events in history to share with students and parents Encourage discussion, collaboration, and debates between students outside of class School events