Session Number T1-03

2017 Session
Packaging Pedagogy Using G Suite Tools
Laurie Prewandowski, Technology Integration Specialist, Kearsarge Regional School District, and Shelby Wischan, Kearsarge Regional Middle School

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All

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Get an overview of how to use G Suite tools such as Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sites to package pedagogy. If you haven't heard of Hyperdocs and the power of packaging your pedagogy for differentiated instruction, then this workshop is for you. The concept of a HyperDoc is to use a technology tool to put together a curriculum packet for a content area that allows students to work more independently through a project. While there is more work to be done up front by the teacher, this process frees the teacher to focus on guiding students instead of providing daily lectures. Plus students can take ownership of their own learning. It also provides a way for those students who are absent to get caught up without needing your undivided attention.