Session Number Th1-13

2018 Session
The Whole Child: Social Emotional Learning with Coding & Digital Skills
Rita Oates

Level: Beginner
Grades: K-5

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The Collaborative for Academic, Social, & Emotional Learning (CASEL) recommends that social emotional learning skills be embedded within curriculum rather than taught in isolation. When students have better social and emotional skills, there is more opportunity for academic achievement -- and less time spent on classroom management. Parents are requesting more teaching of coding and digital literacy, but how do you fit it into the curriculum when there are so many other things to cover? Scientifically developed and aligned with ISTE standards, come explore a global organization that is a fine example of this integration. FUNecole demonstrates one strategy how elementary schools, grades 1-6, can scaffold the use of digital skills embedded into activities that are anchored in real-world contexts and situations. Learn how you can make a difference with your students academic and social emotional learning.