Session Number Th3-01

2018 Session
Pelham's Path to Personalization
Holly Doe, Enrichment/Technology, SAU 28

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All
Discover how the Pelham School District formed a group of stakeholders to write and help enact a Future Ready Plan. In April 2015 we began our journey to become a Future Ready Schools (FRS) district. The work resulted in a technology plan that resembles a well-rounded picture of what learning can and will look like for Pelham students and staff. With personalization at the core of the gears, Pelham's FRS plan aims to achieve the district's vision of "inspiring success one mind at a time." This session focuses on the work to create, develop, and then implement the plan. Core to this planning is the Future Ready Committee and the individual building technology committees with broad representation across the district. Pelham is now embarking on their second three-year plan to evaluate what they were able to achieve and where they need to go next. This session provides participants with an updated view of the Future Ready resources and process for districts that are contemplating using this process.