Session Number VM5-13

2021 Session
SP! Ethics, Empathy, & Educational Technology in a STEAM Powered World
Sylvia Martinez, Past Keynote, Author, Invent to Learn

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
Go beyond digital citizenship to innovative technology projects that help students develop ethics and empathy for others. Breakthroughs in AI, bio-hacking, robotics, media manipulation, and digital fabrication offer interesting opportunities at the cutting edge of science, and how ethical decision-making can make the world a better place for all. Children develop ethics though empathy. Learning about other people, understanding different points of view, and grappling with complex issues creates future citizens who have the empathy needed to understand how science and technology can serve humanity, not control us. Participants in this session will learn about specific projects and technology explorations that give students access and experiences where ethical behavior is part of the learning. For example, students exploring Artificial Intelligence can start to understand how bias can change outcomes, and that computer algorithms and machine learning are not neutral. These technologies reflect the biases and choices of the designers, and creating projects where students have to grapple with these issues means that students can understand this firsthand instead of as an abstraction.