Session Number VTh1-12

2021 Session
SP! EDUCATION ECOSYSTEM: Model for Growing & Sustaining Schools
Gene Silverman, Classlink, and Shelley Rossitto, Classlink

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All
The purpose of this presentation is to assist educational leaders in understanding the education ecosystem that supports all learning and community engagement in schools. An ecosystem redefines how our staff, students, and community will work, live, and learn together. The presentation will demonstrate how the ecosystem components are interconnected and create an all-inclusive solution for stakeholders. As is now true for almost all aspects of our learning, work and living experiences, entry to our journey, project, inquiry or action begins on a digital screen: we personalized our portal that has become our extension in to and out of the world. Today our technology based education ecosystem is so transformative that we will no longer be able to teach, learn, and lead without it. It is, therefore, the hypothesis of this presentation that it is essential to build, maintain and sustain a healthy one. Given the speed that was needed to deploy distanced educational programs and classes as well as meet regional accountability standards for the pandemic conditions, districts implemented working systems with the resources, knowledge, and people they had in place. The need to retool revealed some basic issues and challenges within the schools and communities that included the need to have an easy way for all stakeholders to access the local, integrated ecosystem from any entry point. The presenters also hold to be true that all aspects of any education system are grounded in stand