Session Number VW3-13

2021 Session
SP! Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS): What is it & how to prepare?
Jeffrey Bajgot, Whalley Computer Associates, and Andy Shoemaker, NimbusDDoS, and Jag Bains, Whally Computer

Level: Intermediate
Grades: Technology
Learn about Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), what is it, what are the various forms it can take, and how to know you are under attack and how to be prepared to best protect your network and systems. A DDoS attack is typically where multiple machines operating together (a botnet of compromised internet-connected devices) are directed to attack one target in your network. As the number of poorly managed Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased, so has the ability individual actor can take down your network using them. DDoS attacks can vary in scope, size and duration. Attacks have been increasing and we have seen school networks targeted often. Being prepared for a DDoS attack is very important. Unfortunately, if not prepared, your network can be taken down and create a bad day for you and your users. Internet access is a mission critical learning tool, any loss of Internet access is like losing electricity and impacts everyone. DDoS is something school district technology leaders must understand and prepare for. Although we can't predict when DDoS will happen, it is something that can happen, and is happening with increasing cadence. As part of your disaster preparedness and recover plan, DDoS should be included and mitigation strategies put in place. Proper prior planning and being prepared is the key to minimizing the impact a DDoS attack will have on your infrastructure and your users.