Session Number W2-02

2021 Session
Twenty-Two for 2022: Tools & Trends to Inspire & Motivate
Maureen Yoder, Professor, Lesley University
Level: All levels
Grades: All

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Experience a fast-paced, lighthearted session guaranteed to tickle your geeky side and delight the teacher in you who wants to motivate and inspire your students. It will highlight free and low cost tools you can master quickly, as well as resources that will provide useful information and artifacts. See innovative virtual and augmented reality apps and artificial intelligence devices and how teachers use them to enhance remote learning experiences. There will be an update about inexpensive little drones and robots, and how kids are learning coding in a very active way. Hear about emerging technologies and innovative ideas that do not yet exist at the time this session was proposed. Evidence of successful implementation in face to face and online instruction will be presented with research-based learning outcomes. The term "Electronic Constructivism" was coined by this presenter who will link these technologies to what it is all about: Good Teaching. Maureen is a former classroom teacher who taught kindergarten through high school before joining the Educational Technology faculty at Lesley University. Participants will leave this session with an overview of twenty-two emerging technologies that can be used in a variety of content areas, multiple grade levels, and face to face or remote learning environments. No experience necessary - just your curiosity, enthusiasm about teaching, and a sense of humor. There will be door prizes for both virtual and in-person participants.