Session Number W2-04

2021 Session
Scholars Not Steaks: How to Grade Less & Focus on Feedback
Nels Tooker, 5th & 6th Grade Teacher, Newington Public School, and Nicole Certo, Newington Public School
Level: Intermediate
Grades: All

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The meat industry grades cuts of beef with letters and descriptors. But our scholars are not steaks! We can do better in our classrooms. The strategies in this session will help you boost your grading game whether you are already going gradeless or if you're just considering ways to improve your feedback system. We'll review a brief history of grades and explore what future grading practices might look like. Participants will learn about technology, tools, and resources to transform your letter and number grades into a student-centered, feedback-focused assessment system. And if that sounds like a ton of work, don't worry. We'll cover small, simple changes you can make regardless of your subject or school. Is going gradeless in today's world revolutionary? Perhaps. Stirring the pot? Some might say so. Impossible? Only if you don't try. Come learn why grading makes more sense for something that goes on your grill rather than the learning that takes place in your classroom.