Session Number W3-03

2021 Session
Teach Students HOW to Think ~ Not WHAT to Think
Matthew Joseph, Executive Director of Teaching +Learning, Providence Public Schools

Level: Beginner
Grades: All
In the standardized testing era, students are often asked to memorize facts and/or recall ideas without retaining a deep understanding of information beyond the exam. However, some educational frameworks suggest that deeper learning comes from a focus on critical thinking; including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of information. This course is designed to support educators in creating lessons involving critical thinking, learning, and problem-solving skills to enable learners to enhance their performance in both academic and non-academic areas. Applying and integrating critical thinking into learning and instruction will allow for students' independence and create greater relevance for their lessons. Participants will learn instructional techniques and tools to develop experiences that include: Use of analogies Collaboration among students Creation of open-ended questions Student reflection Application of problem-solving to real-life scenarios Additionally, this sessionwill explore appropriate digital tools that will allow all students to be active learners and create and apply knowledge.