Session Number W4-04

2021 Session
Awesome Apps to Close the Gaps: For Remote & In-Person Learning
Libby Curran, Reading Specialist, Newport Montessori School
Level: Beginner
Grades: Pre-K, K-5
In this session participants will explore some exceptional iPad apps and online programs that can be used remotely or in person to help remove barriers to learning, facilitate differentiation of instruction, and promote inclusion for special education students. With low cost, multi-sensory, customizable apps for every possible interest and subject area, and its undeniable "cool" factor, the iPad is potentially the most powerful educational tool yet invented. iPads are ideal for differentiating instruction because the best apps can be customized to present information using the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning pathways in the brain, thus enhancing memory and learning. But sifting through thousands of apps in the App Store can be a daunting task. Have you ever been overwhelmed by the vast number of apps on the App Store and on app review sites? Have you ever been disappointed after downloading what seemed to be a promising educational app? I know I have. Over the years, I've downloaded and tried over 1,000 apps but only a tiny fraction of these remain on my iPads to be used by my students on a regular basis. This workshop will demonstrate how to find, evaluate and use exceptional apps and programs that have been field tested over time with children of all abilities: educational apps that truly promote creativity and thinking skills, learning, accessibility, collaboration, engagement and depth of knowledge.