Session Number W4-05

2021 Session
Digital Learning Specialist Discussion
Charley Suter, Digital Learning Specialist, Spaulding Academy & Family Services, and Hillary Washburn, Keene Middle School

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All
Join us for a discussion focusing on the experiences of a Digital Learning Specialist in the past two years. Charley Suter, Digital Learning Specialist at Spaulding Academy, discusses several elements of his remote learning program and how they can be applied to everyday, in-person operation. Joining Charley to share her experiences is NHSTE President-elect Hillary Washburn, Digital Learning Specialist and Computer Science teacher at Keene Middle School. The presenters share experiences from the past several years, discuss how to thoughtfully apply these experiences to future instruction, and gather input from attendees. Examples may include: -Creating student/family and teacher/staff help websites with custom video walkthroughs for each online tool -The Digital Divide: Providing devices, hotspots, and connectivity support -Synchronous/Asynchronous learning -Creating virtual "community events" -Use of video modeling -Learning Management Systems -Student Privacy -Blended learning and the Flipped Classroom While this session highlights the experience of two educators, it is also intended to engage Digital Learning Specialists, Library Media Specialists, teachers, and Tech Directors from all over the state (and wherever else), to share their stories and their experiences as they shifted back from remote to in-person instruction. At the beginning of the session, each attendee will be asked to submit a question or topic they would like to see covered.